Meet the Team

Ahmed Ali

Ahmed, a dedicated Senior Accountant at our company, brings a wealth of expertise to our internal accounts department. Armed with a Certificate in Accounting & Finance from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICAP) and a Bachelor’s Degree from Punjab University, Ahmed is committed to delivering exceptional financial support and services.

In his role, Ahmed focuses on various aspects of our internal accounts department, including managing receivables, billings, and payments. Additionally, he collaborates closely with our tax and accounting department, where he contributes to ongoing client services such as Corporate Tax and VAT Registration with the Federal Tax Authority, as well as accounting and bookkeeping services.

Outside of his professional responsibilities, Ahmed is a sports enthusiast, particularly passionate about volleyball and cricket. Whether he’s on the court or field, Ahmed brings the same level of dedication and teamwork that he applies to his work.

We are privileged to have Ahmed as a valued member of our team, confident that his expertise and commitment contribute significantly to our company’s success.

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