Property Visa

In 2015, the UAE lauched a property investor visa option, which granted foreign investors the opportunity to secure long- term residency from 3 to 5 Years by investing in a property in the UAE. Applicants, must be able to fulfill the conditions:

For Long- term 3-Years Visa:

  • Owning a property which is of minimum value AED 750,000

  • A maximum of 50% of the properties can be under a mortgage

  • Properties which are jointly owned can both apply for long- term visa, under the condition that each individual’s shares are worth at least AED 750,000

  • A No- Objection Certificate (NOC) is provided from the bank – must be written in Arabic

For Long- term 5-Years Visa:

  1. Property Owners – Provide proof of ownership of a property no less than AED 5 million.

  2. Property Owners The invested amount should not be on a loan basis.

  3. Property ownership should be maintained for at least three years.


The property must be owned in a single residential property, as opposed a commercial property. Furthermore, the long-term visa options are only applicable for properties which are registered in freehold areas – as opposed to off-plan properties