UAE - Mainland

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a mainland company, or sometimes known as an Onshore company, is licenced by the Department of Economic Development (DED).

Each of the seven (7) Emirates in the UAE has one main licencing department which allows businesses to be legally registered to operate and trade locally, with complete freedom and flexibility. 

What are the Advantages of registering a Mainland company?

  • Freedom and Flexibility to operate in the local market

  • Ability to have 100% Foreign Ownership

  • No capital requirements for majority of the business activities

  • No currency restrictions

  • Ability to contract with local UAE Government including ADNOC

  • Flexibility with hiring of staff and obtaining

  • Freedom to find office space

  • No mandatory requirement for annual audits

What are the legal forms to register a Mainland company?

  1. Limited Liability Company

  2. Professional

  3. Foreign Branch/Representative Office

It is important to understand that the nature of your business activity may determine which type of company you can register. Activities issued by the Department of Economic Development are split up by six (6) different options.

  1. Professional

  2. Commercial 

  3. Industrial

  4. Tourism

  5. Agricultural

  6. Occupational

Rosemont Partners are fully equipped to ensure that investors and foreign companies who are planning to set up or expand their presence into the country, are informed by our in-depth knowledge, providing a full suite of end to end support and services to ensure you are licenced correctly, completing any necessary approvals which may be required for your business.

Furthermore, Rosemont Partners can assist the company with all steps and formalities with employment visa processes, managing the required documentation to ensure each staff member has been registered with the Immigration and the Ministry of Labour (MoL). Each staff member should also be registered with the Wage Protection System (WPS).

Rosemont Partners can provide investors with the support and guidance to ensure your company has the correct business activity, which is not only vital for trading and operating, but for the bank account opening