Corporate Secretarial and Administration

With the UAE changing at a rapid pace, attracting new foreign direct investments from multinational firms and UHNI’s, there UAE has a constant requirement to change the compliance obligations to stay aligned with Global markets.

For that very reason, it is imperative that businesses registered in the UAE are on top of their compliance procedures, ensuring their filings and submissions are on time and up to date. Failure to do so, can impose significant penalties on a business. This is why many companies will look to outsource their company secretarial, annual governance and compliance requirements. 

Rosemont Partners can provide all on-going corporate secretarial and professional administrative services to your company. Ensuring full corporate governance and Good Standing to the company in the UAE.

In this regard, our scope of work set out below but not limited to the following:

  • Provision of well qualified and experience individual Corporate Secretary that will maintain a Compliance calendar as per the licensing Authority’s regulations and providing guidance to the company’s Board on an on-going basis;

  • Liaising with the licensing Authority in regard to on-going Corporate Secretarial services and promptly executing various event-driven filings as and when applicable;

  • Filing of annual confirmation statements;

  • Providing updates and changes made within the licensing Authority’s laws and advising on various regulatory changes which may impact the company;

  • ESR assessment and filing annually;

  • Attending meetings, taking, drafting, and preparing minutes of meetings of the Board; Maintaining the Company’s Minute Book;

  • Maintaining the company remains in Good Standing throughout the year; and

  • PO Management Services to include collection of mail at registered PO Box on a weekly basis and onward forwarding.

Directorship Services

In line with our Corporate Secretarial and Annual Governance Services, we understand that businesses may wish to outsource the duties responsibilities of a local Director and/ or Manager under a Nominee capacity to represent the company and the secretary position. The role of Rosemont Partners will only act with written approval from the authorized signatory from the company.

These cases are generally required wherein the company does not have a representee to fulfil to General Manager role with a good standing history in the UAE and holds residency, which is a key requirement for many of the local UAE banks. Appoiting a Nominee Manager is also useful for multinational companies which are incorporating an Onshore business in Dubai, as it is a requirement to appoint a General Manager who already holds UAE Residency in order for them to obtain an Immigration file and Ministry of Labour File (MoL) to employ staff. Rosemont Partners can fulfil this on a shot-term basis if required as well as the advising and implementation of the company, ensuring the business has been incorporated correctly, efficiently and is compliant with the local regulations.

Furthermore, where the General Manager and/ or Director is not always able to be present in the UAE, by outsourcing this to Rosemont Partners, you will have trustworthy and professional representative on behalf your company as the main point of contact with local Government Departments and Ministries.