Remote Working Visa

In 2021, Dubai launched the Dubai Remote Working Visa.

The Dubai Remote Working Visa, allows foreign nationals to reside in the UAE, whilst working for their existing employer overseas.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, when majority of the world had to adapt to a remote working schedule, it opened up the doors for international companies to allow their staff to work from home, or various other parts of the world.

Dubai, saw this a prime opportunity, to grant individuals to live in UAE, and allowing them to sponsor their family. 

The Dubai Remote Working Visa is valid for 1-Year and can be renewed for another 1-year on the basis the applicant can provide the criteria for it. 

The Visa will provide access to all standard services that UAE residents can avail of. Furthermore, banking, healthcare, rental/ purchasing of property and schooling for children.

What are the requirements for a Dubai Remote Working Visa?

To apply for the Dubai Remote Working Visa, the following documents are required.

  1. Passport – minimum 6 months validity

  2. Health Insurance – with UAE coverage. Local Insurance can be applied for after the visa has been completed

  3. Employees – Proof of contract which is minimum 1-Year. In additional, a salary of USD $5,000.00 Net – including 3 months banks statements and pay-slips.

  4. Business Owners – Proof of ownership of a company. Incorporation of the company must be trading for minimum 1- Year with a proof of average income of USD $5,000.00 per month – including 3 months bank statements and pay-slips.

How can Rosemont Partners help?

Rosemont Partners can assist you with you with your application from start to finish, including the support to fully manage the documentation to sponsor you and your family in the UAE.