UAE Residency

The United Arab Emirates has been on the rise for foreigners as a relocation and investment option for numerous of reasons. The significant business and lifestyle opportunities are difficult to match when compared to other countries. This is a result of the initiates taken by UAE Government including the Foreign Direct Investment Office (FDI).

Some of main advantages of living in the UAE are the following:

  1. Zero income and wealth tax

  2. Double taxation agreements with 136 countries

  3. Ability to sponsor family members

  4. You can open a personal bank account

  5. You can obtain a bank local

  6. Freedom and Flexibility to travel between GCC countries

  7. Ability to obtain a UAE Drivers’ licence

  8. Ability to avail of the UAE’s heath care system and services

What are the general requirements for securing UAE Residency? *

  • A UAE Visa Application Form

  • Two (2) passport photos

  • Entry Visa – Providing a U.I.D number

  • Medical Fitness Test

  • Biometrics

  • Health Insurance – with UAE coverage

What are the general requirements to sponsor your family in the UAE?*

  • All of the above points.

  • Birth Certificates – Attested by the relevant Authorities

  • Marriage Certificates – Attested by the relevant Authorities

  • Proof of Tenancy Contract in the UAE

  • Proof of sponsors’ existing contract – Trade Licence, Employment Contract, Property etc.

*Please note, that each Emirate can request additional documentation upon submission of your UAE Residency Visa. Each visa will vary in terms of the requirements.