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Gianina Berilia

Gianina, Operations and Administration Officer, joined from the Philippines last year as an intern. Initially, she was visiting family in Dubai for the university summer and Christmas breaks. She has recently become a full-time member of the team at Rosemont Partners.

Gianina, in quick time has become an integral part of our team, initially coming in primarily to assist with the integration and implementation of our CRM software transition. Gianina’s responsibilities have now evolved to ensure that all operational processes are efficient, effective, and aligned with organisational objectives. In addition, supporting our clients with their post licensing requirements, which include assisting with UAE residency processing, corporate secretarial and company bank account opening.

In her free time, she can be found on the beach unwinding and relaxing, swimming, or, when she is back home (in paradise 🏝️ 🇵🇭), surfing the waves. For her, nature is not just a place to visit – it is where she feel most at home. 

Gianina believes that maintaining a willingness to learn and taking lessons from every event is critical to personal and professional development. It’s an attitude that allows her to adapt, progress, and prosper in an ever-evolving environment.

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