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Jason William Bowers

Jason grew up in Rosemount estate in Dublin, Ireland, and was always an entrepreneurial sort from a young age. Irish summer holidays were spent burning out his grandfather’s lawnmower engines cutting grass in the area or putting advertising flyers in 1000s of letterboxes all around Dublin.

A sports mad, (slightly competitive!) young man Jason would go on to study Sports Management at University College Dublin and also play a little football if there was time outside of working the variety of part-time jobs from bookies to bars.

Jason’s introduction to the Corporate Services world came in July 2007 after taking the advice of a young recruiter to have an interview with a local company formation firm (ICC). ICC would go on to be acquired by Dun &Bradstreet and it was in those next 4 years that Jason would learn invaluable lessons on client relations, solutions-based approach and the absolute non-negotiable importance of team culture.

It was while on a holiday visiting his Dad that the idea of moving to the UAE first came to life. On the second week of a 2 week holiday, 3 interviews were quickly set up. A borrowed shirt and tie later and the decision was made to move to the UAE. March 18th, 2012(the day after St. Patricks Day 🙃)was day 1 of the new adventure joining one of the leading CSP/Trust companies in the region. Fast forward 4 and a half years from that day and with lots learned within a healthy working environment Jason felt it was time to put his ideas, learning and experiences to work and set up his own business.

In August 2016 a JV, with good partners, was established and this gave Jason the solid framework and infrastructure to implement his ideas and build a team and company which following an MBO in April 2020 would become what we know today as Rosemont Partners. Aligned with Jason’s original vision, Rosemont Partners is a unique private client-focused corporate services provider and proudly one of the very few independently UAE-founded and headquartered CSPs to be licensed in both the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) and DIFC arguably the UAE’s most prestigious and prominent free zones.

Rosemont was built on the core values of a healthy team culture, the people who make the team and channelling that energy to deliver excellent client experiences and service. Everything Jason had learned, understood and envisaged from day 1.

Away from the working life, he is an obsessed father of 2 young boys and is slowly not just understanding but actually implementing the importance of a healthy work-life balance and taking time to just be! Perhaps unsurprisingly his boys love “going to Daddy’s office”! Any free time that presents itself is evenly divided between being a frustrated golfer, an armchair sports fan and a sprinkle of Padel Tennis, the best ‘new’ sport in the world 😃

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