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Mehul Goradia

Originally from Mumbai, Mehul has been based out of the UAE for nearly 2 decades. Mehul’s long standing professional experience in working with a multitude of globally active private & institutional clients affords him the opportunity to bring in a fresh perspective and help evaluate right fit solutions from a broad range of available options for structuring the asset protection, wealth planning and international business expansion needs of clients.

Being brought up in a traditional Indian joint family system and having assisted his father in the family business before moving over to Dubai, he is certainly better able to understand the challenges faced by family-owned businesses in wealth succession and business continuity.

Mehul places great emphasis on team work & collaboration and likes to keep on top of all relevant professional developments by way of extensive research and interactions with his ever-expanding network of industry experts.

In his free time, Mehul loves to stay closely connected with his family based between India & UAE. He’s an avid explorer of cultures, cuisines & places and has extensively traveled by air, sea & land within his home country as well as internationally maintaining an active bucket list. Variety is the spice of life!

At a social level, Mehul also engages in some of the local community initiatives directed at assisting the underprivileged.

One of the commendable successes Mehul has had on a personal front over the last couple of years is his weight loss journey in pursuit of better health. Besides being persistent in his approach in sticking to a well-balanced diet regime, he greatly attributes this to our Rosemont’s work culture, which prioritises employees’ health & well-being.

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