UAE Tax Residency

How is UAE Tax residency determined? Determining tax residency can be a complex matter, and it is crucial to avoid common misconceptions, such as assuming that setting up a company in a jurisdiction with 0% corporation and personal income tax automatically exempts you from tax obligations. In order to provide you with a general understanding […]

UAE Golden Visa

UAE Golden Visa   The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is renowned as a highly desirable global business destination. The UAE Investor Residency Program offers a pathway for foreign investors, entrepreneurs, and individuals with exceptional skills, including specialists, students, and researchers, to obtain long-term residence by making a significant investment in the country.   Advantages of […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Setting up a Business in Saudi Arabia

A Comprehensive Guide to Setting up a Business in Saudi Arabia   The Ministry of Investment in Saudi Arabia, formerly known as SAGIA (Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority), serves as the primary authority for foreign companies looking to expand into the Kingdom. If international companies wish to establish a presence in Saudi Arabia, they are […]

What is a Free Zone in the UAE?

What is a Free Zone in the UAE? The United Arab Emirates has over 40+ Free Zones to choose from, each offering a variety of advantages, from 50-Years tax exemptions to dual licensing options.  The Freezone in an International concept, which was launched in the UAE for foreign investors who wish to secure and obtain […]


About ADGM SPVs An Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is emerging to be one of the most preferred options for consolidating equity participations and investments in the region mainly due to the solid legal framework it offers as an ADGM SPV is governed by the English Common Law and has its […]

What are the requirements to open a Corporate Bank Account in the UAE?

About UAE Banking  In the United Arab Emirates all registered companies are required to obtain a corporate bank account to manage and facilitate business transactions. Depending on the type and structure of the company, Onshore or Freezone, the list of documentation and KYC will vary. Where companies are owned by another offshore or corporate entity, […]